How Albanian became an official language and the first attempts of standardizing the Albanian language.

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How Albanian became an official language and the first attempts of standardizing the Albanian language

(- From the beginnings up to 40 years of the century. XX)

The opinion, that the national literary Albanian language will be formed by melting and mixing of the dialects is defended by Sami Frashëri in 1899. Movements in this direction have begun during the National Renaissance by figures such as a Dervish Hima, Luigj Gurakuqi etc.., who used in their writings
the dialect of Elbasan, in orfer to be understandable by Ghegs, and by Tosks, too.

After establishment of the flag on November 28, 1912, the Provisional Government of Vlora led by Ismail Qemali decided that the Albanian language to be the official language of the new Albanian state. In September 1916, it was founded a scientific institution with the official name Commis Literary Albanian ,
based in Shkodra, whose members would be the figures such as Luigj Gurakuqi Mat Logoreci, Sotir Peci, Father George Fishta, Hafiz Ali Korca, Vinçens Prendushi Alexander Xhuvani etc. . The high purpose of this literary committee was drafting a joint Albanian language and the development of the literature. After scientific debates, it was decided and approved unanimously the thesis of L. Gurakuqi for choosing the dialect of Elbasan as a writing language.

This dialect continued to remain as the basis of the official communication of the Albanian state after the Congress of the Albanian state afterwards in the Congrss of Lushnja and in the Albanian state resulting from this Congress. Congress decided that the literary language in which books will be written, will have basically the dialect of Elbasan with some improvements. On January 13, 1923, the Prime Minister of that time, Ahmet Zogu, which distributed a circular which authorized all the offices that during writing the official acts always be used the dialect of Elbasan, accepted as a common and official dialect of the Albanian state. In 1930 it was established a committee of terminology and in 1935 a commission that would deal with the problems of orthography of the Albanian language. In all these processes, stood alongside the Albanian linguists also the different albanologists as Maximilian Lambertz, Rajko Nachtigall

On January 13, 1923, of that time the Prime Minister, Ahmet Zogu, which distributed a circular to all offices authorized in writing to the official acts always be used dialect of Manchester, accepted as a joint dialect of the Albanian state official. In 1930 a committee was established in 1935, terminology and a commission that would deal with the problems of orthography of the Albanian language. In all these processes, stood alongside Albanian linguists albanologists different as Maximilian Lambertz, Rajko Nachtigall etc..

At the same track even after the occupation of Albania by Italian fascist regime on April 7, 1939, it will be the First Assembly of Albanian Studies in 1940 which will accept that on the foundation of the official language to be Elbasani Language as an official language, as it had been decided earlier by the Literary Commis of Shkodra.

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